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About Us (Covering Sudan and Africa)
Non Stop Transport Enterprise (NSTE)
Transportation and Shipping
Nonstop Transport Enterprise is a group of companies solely owned by Elrofai brothers, except for Crown Transport Co., of which they own 50%. This group is principally running transportation and inland shipping business with an annual turnover in excess of US $40,000,000, and more than 350 employees. Elrofai Brothers have been in the inland freight and transportation business since 1969 under previous business names.

Nonstop Transport Enterprise is a private limited liability company registered in Sudan (Khartoum), the shareholders being Elrofai Brothers, who also manage the business. Nonstop Transport Enterprise is a trade name owned by Nonstop Development Company and established since the year 2001.

Nonstop Transport Enterprise is an affiliate to:
  • Al-Wasit Transport Co.
  • Al-Safsaf Express Co.
  • Crown Transport Co.

Branches Covering Sudan and Africa

Nonstop Transport Enterprise is basically an inland shipping and transportation company in Sudan, covering sudan and africa with branches setup at:
  • Khartoum (Head Quarter)
  • Port Sudan
  • Algadarif
  • El-Obeyd
  • El-Fashier
  • Juba
  • El-Genina
  • Nyala
Covering Sudan and Africa is not enough. In addition to the domestic branches, Nonstop Transport Enterprise has also established branches in two of the neighboring countries:
  • Shalateen-Egypt
  • N'Djamena-Republic of Chad
  • Entebbe-Uganda
  • Lockichoggio-Kenya
  • Mombassa-Kenya
  • Warretta-Ethiopia
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