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Customs Clearance in Sudan

Non Stop Transport Enterprise (NSTE)
Customs Clearance
Nonstop Transport Enterprise also provides the Customs Clearance in Sudan for all of our Customers. So that our customers feel reliable and should be proud for choosing us. Our Broad network makes this possible for us to provide the Customs Clearance in Sudan facility to our Customers.

Customs Clearance in Sudan Procedures :

While Importing.!
  • Importers should be first Registered through the Ministry of Foreign Trade
  • All Commercial imports into Sudan require an Import Declaration Form. As the importer wants to import he has to fill the Proforma Invoice. The Following Information is required in the Proforma Invoice
  • Free on Board Value
  • Currency of Payment
  • Mode of Transportation
  • Country from where the goods are being imported
  • Shipping Value
  • Clear Description of the quantity
  • Insurrance Value ( If Applicable )
  • Importer have to pay the required fees including the taxes and duties. As these all are required and need to show up at the time of the delivery of goodds

Customs Clearance in Sudan For Exporters

  • In Sudan Exportation needs registration of the Exporter in the Ministry of Foreign Trades
  • Harmonized system is applied for the classification of exports.
  • The export duty on cotton and gum Arabic is 10%.
  • On all other products the export duty is 5%
  • There are no quantitative or quota export restriction
  • Exportation requires No Liscence else when there is no remittance
  • Sudan has no indicative minimum export prices, which are based on the internal cost and world market prices.
  • No Voluntary export Restrictions are there and no market arrangements
To make our customers free from the above tensions we provide the facility of customs clearance in Sudan. And our branches within Sudan and Africa makes all this possible for us.

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